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The technology we use

Augmented Reality

An augmented reality experience (AR) is an interactive experience involving objects in a real-world environment that is enhanced by computer-generated information that activates multiple sensory channels of the human body, such as eyes, ears, and even touch. In brief words, AR is nothing but a simulation of the physical world in a virtual environment. Three basic features define AR: real-time interaction, accurate 3D modeling, and a combination of physical and virtual worlds.

Integration of AR into Physiotherapy

The current system and methods used by physiotherapists have become outdated, and there has never been a more urgent time for introducing new technologies into the field. Thus, the technological advancement of Augmented Reality, when infused into the field of Physiotherapy, helps therapists treat patients more efficiently, and enabling patients to perform professionally curated exercises in a virtual environment helps them to recover better and faster.

How online consultation works

Online consultation works on the basis of video calling. The physiotherapist can assess your condition visually using the video, looking at your posture, mobility limitations, and range of motion. Additionally, the physio will be able to clearly see and describe where the pain is with the help of 3D models of the specific part of the body so that treatment can be provided appropriately.

Mobile Application for at-home rehabilitation

With the help of our mobile application that works on both Android OS as well as iOS, the patients will be able to receive virtual consultation from our trained and experienced team of physiotherapists. The virtual consultation can take place on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and even on Instagram and Messenger.

Our mobile application will also contain a directory of professionally curated videos and 3D models to provide patients with reference as to what type of and how the exercise has to be performed. This directory will help the patients to move ahead in their treatment at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes.